The Evolution of My Style

I remember traveling to Disneyland at age 10 and coming back and looking at all the rolls of film I had taken and having this disappointing feeling that the pictures didn't really capture what I had experienced.

Almost 20 years and literally hundreds upon hundreds of rolls of film (and a few cameras) later, I slide my card into the computer and actually get a satisfying result as I review moments I've captured on camera. I've realized that more than anything, I love to capture people and little moments in life from children's mischeif and laughter to a gentle touch between a mother and child to the beauty of a family interacting with one another.

What to Expect

A typical session takes between one and two hours. We are natural light photographers and generally prefer to take outdoor pictures. We like to photograph you in an environment that is comfortable to you - perhaps your yard or doing an activity your family or children enjoy. (i.e. playing in the park, at home, with pets, etc.)

After the session, we edit the best pictures from your session. You choose a package and we send a CD of photographs to you along with full copyright permission to print them as many times as you would like in as many sizes as you would like. Instead of sharing one or two poses with friends and relatives, with A&D Photography you can send them a print of every pose.